In therapy school, one of the issues discussed is how much the therapist should or shouldn’t disclose to clients about his or her own life/experience.  I was thinking about this tonight, as I began my yoga class as I sometimes do, by disclosing a bit about how I was feeling in the moment to my students.  When I do disclose, I can’t be sure how it’s received by each student.  I did see some smiles tonight, which is always a good sign 🙂  Then at the end of class, a couple of students brought up what I had disclosed at the beginning of class, and I wondered about them thinking about that vs. their own experiences.  My hope is that by my being open to sharing, they were given the invitation to be open to and drop into their own feelings, particularly as they come up in the yoga practice.  I suppose self-disclosure could be easier to navigate in a one-on-one relationship, because the therapist or teacher has just one person’s receptivity to gauge, rather than a room full of people’s.  In any case, my little experiment tonight did illustrate to me that while teaching yoga certainly can be therapeutic for me, I tend towards upholding boundaries that keep the focus on the students’ experiences as priority.  I imagine I may practice with my psychotherapy clients similarly when that time comes…soon!

© Stephanie Stolorow